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Freedom Hires Director of Quality

March 6, 2017

Freedom is pleased to name Sally Arno, formerly from Plexus as Director of Quality.  Sally has been in the Electronics/Supply Chain industry for over 30 years.  She has held various roles over those years from Sourcing Specialist, Escalation Manager to Counterfeit Prevention Leader which she held recently for 15 years until accepting the Director of Quality position at Freedom Sales.

In her new position at Freedom, Sally will be responsible for developing a strategic vision and plan for quality, identifying program expansion opportunities and establishing quality and reliability standards with current supply chain and customer requirements.

Early on in her career Sally started working with the electronics supply chain industry where she had been responsible for contracting 80% of the semiconductor spend for a group of commodities she was assigned to manage as well as managing the relationships with franchised distributors and manufactures in her role as Sourcing Specialist.  Sally first started working with the Independent distribution channel and was responsible for Auditing and Approving these suppliers globally in her role as Materials Escalation Manager.  She later expanded that role further by becoming the Counterfeit Prevention Leader, solely dedicating herself to managing the Anti-Counterfeit Controls, Policies and Procedures for her previous company.   Sally also became an active member in numerous Counterfeit Standards Committees.

  • G-19, G-19A, G-19CI, G-19D, G-19AD, G-19T,
  • AIA - Counterfeit Parts Integrated Project Team
  • SMTA/CALCE committee
  • Industry for Symposiums/Workshops/Conferences on Counterfeit Prevention
In 2012 Sally was a Speaker/Instructor at the annual E.R.A.I. Counterfeit Conference, where she gave training sessions to conference attendees on the following subjects.
  • Evaluating Your Supply Base
  • How To Become A Trusted Supplier
    1. Performing risk assessments on suppliers
    2. Investigating suppliers to properly identify any risks associated with potential or current suppliers
    3. Ensuring Suppliers are properly classified

Helping the industry combat Counterfeits, keeping abreast of Counterfeit threats, ensuring compliance to industry standards and regulations has been Sally's main goal and passion over the past 15 years.  Which is why she has been so active in so many committee’s and symposiums in the industry to ensure the integrity of the supply chain and products being produced.